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Web Security

This easy to use web security solution protects your organisation from web-borne threats and enables the control, monitoring and enforcement of acceptable web-use policies. The anti-malware layers block threats before they can arrive on your network, while URL filtering policies and web traffic quota limits minimise web misuse – conserving your organisation’s bandwidth usage.

The cloud model – benefits and costs

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Web security’s commercial and proprietary antispyware and anti-virus engines scan online content for malware before delivering it to your network. These engines are constantly updated by Symantec Hosted Services to ensure threats are accurately detected to reduce the maintenance or management burdens on your staff – The Skeptic™ feature also guards against zero hour threats and automatically shares this knowledge to enable better detection in the cloud.

Overall this solution makes use of Symantec’s global network of highly available, load-balanced data centres enabling fast, efficient and always-on protection without impacting your productivity. By taking your web security into the cloud, users will benefit from:

  • URL filtering
  • Web anti-virus protection
  • Under 100 milliseconds latency
  • 100% uptime
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Skeptic predictive technology
  • Simplified management
  • web policy enforcement

The cloud based solution is efficiently managed from a central web based management console, updates are automated to reduce administrative burden to maximise productivity and set up only takes a few minutes without any additional hardware requirements. Additionally, there are no large upfront expenses to burden clients as there is only a regular – affordable and predictable – subscription fee.

Why choose Symantec through SSL247®

Symantec is the global leader in information security, backup, and availability solutions. Whilst their vast range of web security products and services ensure your information remains secure, finding the right solution first time can be a daunting and time consuming task. At SSL247® our multi-award winning experts are all SSE and SSE+ accredited, this means our accredited consultants are recognised experts within the industry and can provide you with impartial web security advice according to all your business needs.

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