Our Personal IDs

With one of our personal IDs, you can digitally sign and encrypt your emails and MS Office documents – Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

You’ll look professional and your important documents – invoices, quotes, contracts, and the like – will have real legal value (equivalent to hand-signed documents).

What you can do with a Personal ID:

  • Sign and encrypt emails.
  • Sign Microsoft Office documents.
  • Authenticate to SSL VPNs.
  • Prove you are the originator of your documents – and that they haven’t been tampered with since you sent them.

GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Department

If you need a Personal ID to represent a department within an organization (for example, Marketing at SSL247), this is the right certificate for you. You’ll be able to secure emails, authenticate to an online service or digitally sign Microsoft Office documents on behalf of your department.

From only $279

GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Pro

This certificate is for an individual who wants to represent a company professionally, and secure their emails, authenticate themselves to an online service or to digitally sign their Microsoft Office documents.

From only $99

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