PersonalSign 1

Like all digital certificates a PersonalSign Digital Certificate is issued to organisations and will help prove that the organisation is authentic. The PS1 proves your personal identity when sending important documents; your recipient will know that their sensitive documents are not tampered with. GlobalSign is also one of the first global CA's issuing eIDAS qualified certificates for electronic signatures and seals.

With the PS1 you'll be able to sign off documents and emails with the same legal standing as a hand-written signature. This is ideal for sending important documents, requiring a signature, quickly: signed, sealed delivered it’s yours!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Secures your emails
  • Attests ownership of your emails
  • Signs emails and documents electronically
  • Provides Two Factor Authentication
  • Efficient - Saves time and paper

Start digitally signing your important email and documents today and experience the marked improvements they can make on sales and customer relations.

Find out more about our Personal IDs in the dedicated section of our Knowledge Base.