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SSL247® introduces a new concept: domain name management with real client service and support.

We offer the full range of domain extensions available on the market, including generic (.com, .org, .net...), geographic (, .fr, .es...) and all the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) (.technology, .london, .blog, .app, .promo, .business...). View all the new gTLDs we offer.

We also offer Premium Domain Names - ideal for setting your business apart from competitors and gaining greater web credibility. Find out more here.

Our Domain Trustee Service enables clients to register restricted country-specific domains in any part of the world - regardless of where you live!

Register your perfect domain name with us and you will benefit from the high levels of service and support we are famous for: service that’s so good we’ve rarely had to advertise since we were founded in 2003. (We don’t need to when so many of our customers tell their friends about us.) We give you access to the full range of domain extensions, and we add new extensions all the time.

What you get when registering your domains with SSL247®

Genuine account management

If you choose to manage your domain portfolio with us, you'll get a real person you can talk to – either by direct line or email – with your questions or queries or if you are in need of technical support. All our staff members are fully accredited Web Security Specialists, dedicated to providing clients with the best service possible, saving them hassle, time and money.

No hidden costs

Unlike 'cheap' competitors, our pricing structure is clear and transparent, and there are absolutely no hidden fees.

A MySSL® Account

Custom-built on new technology, our MySSL® Platform enables you to manage all your domain names quickly and effortlessly. You can access all your domain details (status, WHOIS privacy, expiration dates, nameservers and DNS settings) from this intuitive platform and take advantage of our quick and simple registration and transferral process. You can also manage your all your SSL Certificates, Digital ID's, PENTEST and Brand Protection Services from this platform.

A generous refund period

We offer a rare thing: a refund policy – even on domains that you have already registered! For gTLD domains we give you 4 days after the domain has been registered during which time you can delete the domain and claim a refund minus a small £1.00 administration fee. Just noticed a typo in your registration? With everyone else you lose your money, but not with us.

Industry leading grace and redemption periods

We give you a grace period after the domain renewal date of 40 days when your domain can be renewed at the normal registration price. After 40 days there is a further 30 day redemption period (up to 70 days after renewal). During the redemption period there will be a penalty fee of just £60.00 to redeem the domain. This penalty is due to fees charged by the registry. However our competitors often charge very high redemption fees of over £300. Obviously renewing before expiry is still ideal, and we’ll remind you in good time, but extended absence of a colleague, oversights and moving corporate goalposts can catch out even the most organised among us.

Free, reliable DNS service

Yet another area where our competitors overcharge. If you need it, we provide you with a free fully IPV6 compliant DNS service.

Information regarding the launch of new gTLDs

We'll keep you informed and up to date about the launching of all new gTLDs with our weekly alert emails. Knowledge is power, after all. You can find out more about the new gTLDs here.

In summary, our fully comprehensive domain name service has been designed to provide corporate purchasers with top-class domain portfolio registration management tools, minus cheap and nasty hidden fees or costs. Don’t be lured in by ‘cheap’ domain providers, with exorbitant hidden extras like redemption fees…

Want to move your portfolio to us?

Our aim is to help you save time, money and administrative costs by combining and consolidating your domain portfolio with your SSL portfolio. The transfer process couldn't be easier, thanks to MySSL® - and it's completely managed by a member of our dedicated team. For more information, contact our accredited consultants:

  1-800 511 9176

You can also have a look at the /DOMAINNAME|Domain Names section of our Knowledge Base.

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