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nShield Connect

  • Maximises performance and availability with high cryptographic transaction rates and flexible scaling
  • Supports a wide variety of applications including certificate authorities, code signing and more
  • nShield CodeSafe protects your applications and business logic within nShield’s secure execution environment
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nShield Solo

  • FIPS-certified, low-profile PCI-Express cards that deliver cryptographic services to applications hosted on a server or appliance
  • Support high transaction rates, making them ideal for enterprise, retail, IoT and other environments where throughput is critical
  • Remote Administration helps you cut costs and reduce travel
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nShield Edge

  • Maximises cost efficiency. nShield Edge is the most economical HSM in the nShield family
  • Supports a wide variety of applications including certificate authorities, code signing and more
  • Delivers strong security. nShield Edge HSMs are certified up to FIPS 140-2 Level 3
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About HSMs

SSL247® introduces you to nShield HSMs – a family of hardware security modules (HSMs) from nCipher e-Security, the leading global provider of data protection solutions. nShield HSMs can protect the cryptographic operations and data of enterprise applications, providing a certified, hardened tamper-resistant environment for performing secure cryptographic processing and key applications that require a higher level of trust. HSMs don’t just protect your sensitive keys and data; they also provide a secure environment for running sensitive applications. And with the nShield hardware security modules, you only buy what you need to meet your specific performance requirements.

HSM may be useful if:
  • You are setting up or refreshing a public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Your organisation is required to follow data privacy regulations
  • You are currently protecting critical applications using software-based cryptography and have need for stronger controls
nShield HSMs come in three type of factors and performance levels:
  • A network-attached appliance for high-performance data centre environments - nShield Connect
  • A PCI server-embedded card for high-volume applications - nShield Solo
  • A USB-connected model for portable, low-volume and developer applications - nShield Edge

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