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SSL Labs Grading

SSL Labs first launched in 2009, its main goal being to provide thorough diagnostics of SSL/TLS and PKI configuration concerns. However, the project also provided a way to measure and compare configuration quality, primarily using the A-F letter grades. This grading approach proved very popular and helped many businesses improve their security stance.


Below is a set of easy and understandable grading criteria. The grades are between A+ to F and will allow you to have an idea of the state of your SSL/TSL and PKI configuration results. It provides a way to measure and compare configuration quality by using the grading criteria. What the grades mean:

  • A+ - exceptional configuration
  • A - strong commercial security
  • B - sufficient security with modern clients, with older and potentially obsolescent crypto used with older clients, potentially smaller configuration problems
  • C - outdated configuration, uses obsolete crypto with modern clients, potentially bigger configuration problems
  • D - configuration with security problems that are normally difficult or unlikely to be exploited, but can and should be tackled
  • E - unused
  • F - vulnerable and/or patchable problems, misconfigured server, insecure protocols, etc
  • T (trust) – if we do not trust the certificate however, there are no other trust issues, we assign it a T. It is otherwise used when the server is well configured.
  • M (mismatch) – trust issues come from name mismatches and typically when a server does not essentially use encryption
  • N/A – no rating applies

A+ is the most desirable grade, with A and B are still good with satisfactory security. The B grade may be applied to configurations intended to support very wide audiences, many of whom use very old-fashioned programs to connect. The C grade is commonly used for configurations that do not follow best procedures. Grades C, D and F are used for servers with critical configuration and security concerns.

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