SSL247® Corporate Programs

Why become a Corporate Partner?

The number of online transactions is increasing at lightning speed – in 2015 alone there were approximately 38.5 billion ecommerce transactions. As a business owner, the security of your online identity should be imperative to your company. When you sign on to our Corporate programme, you’re investing in the security and protection of your customers. Whether you’re a governing body, University or an ecommerce online retailer we’re always committed to protecting your brand and reputation and effectively, your customer’s data. No matter how many domains you wish to secure or how many SSL certificates you wish to manage our corporate program will facilitate the process to ensure that your customer’s data is in good hands.

Key benefits of our corporate program
  • An extremely flexible ordering process
  • Highly competent Account Manager
  • Complete online protection for your brand
  • Data Protection for your customers
  • Complete online brand protection
  • Growth of Customer trust – your customers will want to keep doing business with you.

A Hands on Team

You buy the certificates – we’ll do the heavy lifting. Our dedicated consultants will walk you through a step by step guideline to setting up your platform, MySSL, from the time of your purchase. You’ll be speaking to the same person the entire time and you’ll never have to suffer an option menu. Did we mention our phone support is a strict queue free zone – no annoying automated messages – HOORAY!

A powerful modern and slick management tool

In addition to dedicated web consultant, our MySSL portal is both powerful and simple to use – it makes management effortless. This is in stark contrast to a plethora of our competitors who still persist with outdated, old legacy systems that make your life unnecessarily difficult.

Prices you can't beat

Our corporate programs are designed to be as cost effective as possible. As a business owner your main aim is to reduce risk and cost. Our corporate program is highly economical, you’ll save money and time but best of all, you’ll see tangible results.

Complete confidence in purchasing products you can trust

As we’re partners with the crème de la crème of Certified Authorities you can be rest assured that you’re purchasing high-quality products you can trust and as a result, your customers will trust your business, your reputation will increase.

Standard Gold Platinum
Annual Turnover < 2,500 € Between 2,500 €
and 20,000 €
> 20,000 €
30 day money-back guarantee
Dedicated Account Manager
Impartial pre-sales advice
UK-based technical support
Priority technical support
Free SMS account alerts
Renewals notifications via SMS
Additional, pre-vetting and company checks
Training Vetting process
Free access to MySSL® including saved baskets, ready issuance and more
Pay up front by credit card
Pay as you go by credit card
Order tokens via purchase order for packs of certificates
Order via purchase order for packs of certificates
Single Monthly invoice for certifcates ordered each month
Co-branding sheets