SSL247® Reseller Programs

Why become a Reseller Partner?

Our reseller programs offer your customers a plethora of high quality SSL certificates to secure their websites. Our team is extremely diligent and efficient when delivering their expertise – we’ll help you create and develop a cohesive platform for your customers to order a range of certificates and manage them hassle free. Reselling SSL certificates is just one facet of the program – you also have the opportunity to resell our PENTEST and domain services to your customers.

We also offer our Application Programming Interface that will enable you to make the reselling process much easier. This free and fully documented API which allows you to connect with your system to our system and create a smooth experience for your customers.

Key benefits of our reseller program:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • You’ll increase profit margins
  • Complete security to your clients
  • It’s quick and easy to set up
  • Instils customer trust – customer trust will grow
  • 30-day money back guarantee

A hands on team

You buy the certificates – we’ll do the heavy lifting. Our dedicated consultants will walk you through a step by step guideline to setting up your platform from the time of your purchase. You’ll be speaking to the same person the entire time and you’ll never have to suffer an options menu. Did we mention our phone support is a strict queue -free zone – no annoying automated messages – HOORAY!

Watch your profit margins increase

As a business owner, we understand that your main objective is to increase your profit margins. With our reseller programs you can purchase as many certificates as you want and set the price you wish to sell to your customers – surplus sorted. Best of all, we’re not as dear as other CAs on the market.

A powerful, modern and slick management tool

In addition to dedicated web consultant, our MySSL® portal is both powerful and simple to use – it makes management effortless. This is in stark contrast to a many of our competitors who still persist with outdated, old legacy systems that make your life unnecessarily difficult.

Complete confidence in reselling products you can trust

As we’re partners with the most established of Certified Authorities you can be rest assured that you’re selling high-quality products that your clients will trust.

Standard Gold Platinum
Annual Turnover < 2,500 € Between 2,500 €
and 20,000 €
> 20,000 €
30 day money-back guarantee
Dedicated Account Manager
Impartial pre-sales advice
UK-based technical support
Priority technical support
Free SMS account alerts
Additional, pre-vetting and company checks
Free access to MySSL® including saved baskets, ready issuance and more
Pay up front by credit card
Order tokens via purchase order for packs of certificates
Order via purchase order order to mix and match certificates
Single Monthly invoice for certifcates ordered each month
Complementary in-house SSL sales training

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