IP address SSL Certificates

Secure your IP address and enhance trust in your website

Need to secure your IP address rather than your domain name (FQDN)? Then look no further, SSL247® is offering you two IP address SSL certificates. Both will give you the ‘https://’ prefix – an instant sign of encryption and a symbol of security for your visitors.

Benefits of securing your IP?
  • Recognisable encryption– Receive the recognisable ‘https://’ prefix
  • Verified Identity– Only recorded IP address owners can obtain this SSL certificate
  • Additional IP address uses– Some services prefer or even require IP SSL authentication

Our IP address SSL will give you Organisation Validation (OV). That’s a step above Domain Validation (DV) – and will enhance trust by verifying your identity and generates the mark of security. If you expect visitors to submit confidential information, OV is the encryption level you need.

How can you secure your IP Address?

Our Organisation Validation IP SSL certificates are from some of the most trusted market leaders. A 256-bit ECC certificate has the massive cryptographic strength of a standard 3072-bit certificate, but retains the speed of 256-bit certificates.

Is an IP address SSL certificate right for you?

Which certificate should you choose? Find out with our wizard,or get in touch for impartial SSL advice.

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