Extended Validation SSL - the 'Green Bar of Trust'

Give your customers ultimate confidence in your site, with Extended Validation SSL

What is Extended Validation?

EV involves the most rigorous validation of your website and your organisation. An EV SSL certificate will identify the organisation that owns your website – and clearly display this information in your visitors’ browsers. EV SSL also turns your visitors’ browsers green. This is one of the most trusted signs of security.

But the green address bar isn’t just for show. It will toggle between the name of the SSL Certificate Authority that issued your SSL certificate AND the name of the company that owns your website. This makes it practically impossible for phishers to hijack your site or your online brand.


What will Extended Validation do for your site… and your business?

By displaying the ‘green bar of trust’, EV shows that your site is safe – and your business is trustworthy. That means, if you have EV and your competitors don’t, customers will be more likely to choose your site over theirs (and be more likely to do business with you). EV also offers the best protection against phishing attacks. So, that’s better protection, enhanced confidence in your site and business – and potentially more online sales. Not bad for one certificate.

What will Extended Validation do for your online customers?

EV offers your customers the best protection against phishing attacks. This, coupled with encryption of up to the maximum 256 bit, means they couldn’t be safer transacting online.

The ‘green bar of trust’ will tell your customers they are safe on your site – and they can submit their credit card details without worrying about their security. So, an EV SSL certificate makes online shopping a more relaxed experience.

Deploying Visible Signs of Security From Trusted CAs

Which Extended Validation is best for your mobile visitors?

Keep your visitors safe however they access your site, with a mobile compatible SSL. Your visitors will be protected by higher performing encryption – with lower bandwidth consumption – on both web and mobile browsers. Remember, for a stronger and faster certificate, go for an ECC SSL certificate.

Who needs Extended Validation… you?

Any bank, government department, or ecommerce site should have EV, as should anyone who wants the best protection against phishing attacks and ultimate confidence in their site and business. EV is also good for employees who want to follow best practice and demonstrate top-quality website management to their board of directors or company stakeholders.

If this sounds like you, take a look at our range of EV SSL certificates below.

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